Monday, January 19, 2009

Clay figures; the Cooker, and Preston from Wallace & Gromit that won me an award. They need a case and some TLC, but you can see them at under your creations, past winners, November 2007. If you work in clay or think it would be fun, I recommend trying, it's loads of fun! And worth it.

more acrylic paint wall art. I realized that trying to scramble to put together a portfolio of my work is more difficult than I first thought, due to the fact that I usually give everything away as gifts. My boys walls so far aren't going anywhere. Thus the most representation so far is the wall murals i've done at home. I do much more than this though.

Some wall art of Spongebob, Gary, and Patrick Nickelodeon characters.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wall mural in boys room and canvas repro in basement

We love Disney. I let my boys pick out what they wanted on our walls I'll have to post more there is an entire large room filled with murals I painted in acrylic for my own personal use and enjoyment. I haven't ventured out into the sales with this for obvious copy right reasons.

Blessing dress I made in 2005

This dress was made in 2005 for my daughter,
I hand stitched all the beads on the woven ribbon that I also hand weaved. I machine sewn most of it, with the acception of the hand work mentioned above. The buttons on the back are for looks only. I did a hidden opening with a velcro closure for quick escapes. It was sized for a NB, it's quite small she was only 10 days old when she was blessed.

family symbol; acrylic on pressed board. Winnie the Pooh reproduction for home use; acrylic on canvas, study of the masters repro in pencil on paper

Lookie Here!!!

I have a website in the works at but it is going a bit slower than I'd like and I am selling items at I figured if I used blog spot I could then show people more of what I do. I will use this blog site to post pictures of things I am either working on or what I have already done. My portfolio of sorts. Thank you for checking things out! enjoy.